On Speak, Love
“Speak, Love … a subtle, wandering meditation suddenly explodes into a relentless and passionate physical dialogue that is  breathtaking, erotic, and profoundly committed to the human form and all its verbal and physical utterances.
…enthralling and skillfully executed choreography…”
– Bateman reviews, November 22nd, 2013

On The future memory heartbreak junction, diptych
“…a remarkable, emotionally naked portrait.”
– Winnipeg Free Press, Alison Mayes May 9th, 2009

“The next time you’re having a dark night of the soul, you might want to have Sasha Ivanochko’s number on speed dial.”
– The Uptown Magazine, May 14th, 2009

“… a study in human frailty, despair, courage and resilience. It marks a significant shift for Ivanochko, both as a choreographer and as a performer. The solo is inherently theatrical and not overtly “dancey”, is finely honed to almost minimalist essentials, makes conspicuous use of gesture… and requires Ivanochko to act and sing; all challenges she surmounts impressively.”
– Michael Crabb, The Dance Current, Summer 2009

On Heaven
“But if we’re really serious about eradicating patriarchal domination and other forms of inequality in our world it’s important we do. Ivanochko’s work gave us that chance.”
– The Prairie Dog, March 20th, 2011

“…a work of a mature and assured dance smith.”
– Paula Citron, Globe and Mail

“…quite clearly sixty minutes of ecstasy for the performers onstage and for the audience privy to the work.”
– Geraldine Anderson, The Medium Online

“…the piece is pure movement invention, unmediated by most of the theatrical accoutrements…”
– Michael Crabb, National Post

On Objets chantants, chansons en movement
“The power (Lumley and Ivanochko’s) bond exudes is transformed into the bass, into the space and into the audience. Demonstrating a depth of passion for the piece, for the instrument and for each other, Lumley and Ivanochko explore the bonds of dependence while bearing what feels like the whole of themselves. Lumley’s adoration of and dedication to the craft of music dominates his performance. An obvious expert, Ivanochko’s mastery of dance and of performing was evident in her face and in her body the entire time. Ivanochko is a marvel to behold.”
– The Festival of New Dance Review Blog, 2013

On Sasha
“Sasha Ivanochko is so damned expressive, you could sell tickets to watch her cross the street.”
– NOW Magazine, 2005

“Ivanochko is a masterful performer who’s not afraid to confront demons head on, or challenge her viewers by taking them everywhere from heaven to hell.”
– Uptown Magazine, May 14th, 2009.

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