Tanya White

tanyaFashion Design is both intrinsic and extrinsic. It is capable of communicating profoundly, superficially, vacuously or sublimely. It can be cosmetic or transgressive, aggressive or gentile, the capacity for new concepts, attitudes, techniques and technologies are infinite and it takes a relentless curious spirit to want to keep up with its endless offerings.

As a designer, teacher, researcher and follower, I have an obsessive adoration with the substantive, evocative and challenging process of creating clothing. I am a graduate of the Ryerson School of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Design and an MA in Fashion. Besides teaching at Ryerson in both the undergraduate and master’s programs, I have worked in costume design and the contemporary apparel and bridal industry in Canada. Currently I am completing the first year of a Doctoral research degree at the Glasgow School of Art tracing the emaciated paradigm in medieval religious art and heroin chic iconography. For my PhD I am using these methods of craft and tailoring to collage new genderless forms that address body and beauty ideals and challenge the stereotypical normative fashion body. I am again and always honoured to collaborate with Sasha.

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