UofC D.D - S.Ivanochko_001 ph._wm.As an artist, I am committed to teaching as a means of supporting intellectual and aesthetic inquiry while fostering authentic and knowledgeable artistic action. I strive to promote open, discerning and thinking artists who possess the capacity for self-direction and the ability to formulate questions and generate ideas. I organize my teaching around my belief in the potential of individual imagination and the rich possibilities for broadening perception and world view through collaborative interaction.

UofCcMy teaching of technique, choreography, improvisation and interpretation is practical and promotes experiential learning. I incorporate theory, discussion, written assignments and research to enhance and concretize the physical learning experience. I support interdisciplinary practice and collaborations by facilitating discourse focussing on language, methodology and values. In the teaching of one course, I draw upon ideas from others to demonstrate the inter-relationship of all things and to provide a broad conceptual framework for learning.

UofC D.D - S.Ivanochko_020 ph._wm.Sasha Ivanochko is currently on faculty at Ecole de danse contemporain de Montreal and adjunct faculty at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Through workshops and one-on-one mentorship, she provides creative facilitation for young dance artists, and creative consultation to independent artists and companies.

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